Gatwick Airport Pier 2


Gatwick Airport Pier 2

The £31m redevelopment of Pier Two on the airport’s South Terminal has increased the number of stands on the south side of the Pier from the existing 9 to 13 which, in turn, will prepare the airfield for the future demolition and redevelopment of Pier One. In addition, substantial improvements to the building have provided a better environment for passengers.

Part of the improvement has been provided by naturally ventilating the new passenger circulation areas. The problem with having large ventilation holes in the building envelope is that unwanted things can get in and out too.

EMTEC collaborated with the architect, mechanical consultant and envelope contractor to develop a system that would allow sufficient air through the building, whilst controlling the unwanted ingress of the weather and very loud aircraft noise.

A carefully considered design, combining external louvres, silencers, and electrically controlled dampers was successfully detailed, manufactured and installed on programme.
The feedback is that passengers are now enjoying the benefit of the naturally ventilated areas in quiet comfort, despite the close proximity of so many aircraft.



Job Summary

Project: Gatwick Airport Pier 2
Client: Gatwick Airport Limited
Architect: Grimshaw
Contrator: Vinci Construction UK
Our Customer: Prater Ltd.
Contract Value: Circa £175,000
Type of works: Acoustic louvres, bespoke silencers, volume control dampers louvre turrets and performance weather louvres.