We are an experienced and skilful team of specialist engineers who use existing and emerging technologies to create. Noise and vibration control products, louvre systems, external solar shading, plant screening and plant room walls are what we do.

Visionary architects and forward thinking consultants respect our advice. And we are long standing partners to leading contractors focused on sustainability.

We help buildings to breathe

Since 1996 we have helped improve the quality of building ventilation throughout the UK.

Our products ensure fresh air enters the building, and exhaust air leaves the building, without the unwanted passage of noise or the elements.

Furthermore, our plant screening systems hide mechanical ventilation plant, particularly when it’s on the roof. For that reason architects consult us to help turn a plant compound into a visual feature of the building.

Emtec external solar shading reduces the thermal load on a building and therefore the energy required to cool the building. As a result this can lead to a reduction in mechanical plant and plant noise.

Driven to innovate

We do not want to reinvent on every project. We try to create efficient processes that will apply throughout production; transportation to site; and assembly on site. Standard products and proven interface details promote successful integration of our equipment into the building. Careful design will result in the minimum number of assembly operations.

In addition, off-site construction and digital engineering are included in our approach to Design for Manufacture and Assembly. DfMA can shorten the project’s design phase. And increase the likelihood of achieving quality objectives first time. Safely.

We learn from each project. So if we can see a better way to do something then we will embrace the opportunity to innovate.

Continual investment in our design department means we have the right tools. The tools, for instance, to optimise existing products or create new ones. 3D modelling, CFD and FEA software, along with 3D printing, help us to evaluate design concepts quickly.

Trusted to deliver

Our experienced designers and engineers work closely with our customers. Above all the goal is to configure bespoke solutions that incorporate proven products and details. And importantly, the building envelope and the plant areas will be on the project’s critical path.  We understand this, so our knowledge can add value to the project in these often complicated and overlooked areas.

How can we help you?


Our Values



We are instinctive problem solvers driven by a curiosity to understand and improve the world around us.


We believe there is only one way of doing something: the right way.


Our knowledge and expertise is respected and relied upon.


We are proactive partners helping our customers identify problems and delivering practical solutions.