Emtec Acoustic Louvres are external weather louvres with acoustically absorbent blade elements.  They are specifically designed to reduce the level of noise passing from one side of the acoustic louvre to the other.

Use Emtec acoustic louvres in the following typical situations:

  • The control of mechanical fan noise
  • Plantroom ventilation
  • General purpose ventilation
  • Acoustic screening

Install Emtec acoustic louvres as individual units.  Alternatively, connect together to accommodate any size openings.

Another application is for acoustic screening.  Standard accessories include corner units, supporting steelwork, doors and blanked sections in order to form a complete self-contained structure.


Independent UKAS accredited facilities test all our louvre systems.  Moreover, they certify their acoustic performance, their weathering capabilities and their aerodynamic performance.

In addition to the above, the data sheets provide more detailed information.