London Bridge Station

The redevelopment of London Bridge Station has created new entrances on Tooley Street and St Thomas Street, connecting surrounding areas. The huge, light filled concourse is complete with new retail and station facilities. And has unified the whole station.

With so much mechanical plant located within the concourse and behind the heritage façades, great emphasis was placed on the appearance of the ventilation louvres. In addition, the acoustics. Control of plant noise breakout and introducing the correct amount of acoustic absorption in to the public realm ensures clarity of speech from the PA systems.

Costain Ltd. appointed Emtec early to develop the architectural design intent, and manufacture and install the package components.

Emtec successfully installed all elements safely, working to a phased programme that enabled the station to remain open. Furthermore, utilising point cloud survey data and 3D modelling enabled precise manufacture of the equipment. This in turn enabled components to fit accurately within the Victorian brick structures, and coordinate with other trades.

A collaborative relationship with Costain Ltd. meant sharing ideas early as possible. As a result, positive outcomes in terms of safety, quality, programme and budget.